I’m really tired. I’m up now amidst the chaos of the impending nuptials of my brother and future sister in law. I ate a whole bag of Haribo gummy colas as I frantically drove back to their place with a bag full of ribbon for the 300 programs. This wedding has been very DYI, which is completely fine, but now I understand why people pay a lot of money not to worry about any of it. This on the heels of another wedding celebration last week, which turned out to be a workation (work vacation).

I am exhausted. My body is running on fumes. I want off the ride, but I don’t know where to find the exit. I’m just tired…

For some reason since January, I have had this “if I can just make it to…” type of mentality. I have fooled myself into thinking that there is some kind of relief to this madness. There is no real relief. Time will continue to go on and more activities will be added; more responsibilities will be required.

So… please pray for me. I am in a good place, but I am overwhelmed with the goodness that is in front of me.

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