Text With Parents: Traveling (Part I)

Hey Hey now, it’s another edition of Texting With Parents! My mom and I talk about these little moments and laugh. Since I know she is reading this on my blog I will say “HEY MOM YOU’RE FAMOUS AGAIN!” I feel very blessed to have a good relationship with all of my parents. I really needed a laugh today, so reliving this moment during my trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago brought some much-needed endorphins. This is extra great because I found my sonic smash or whatever (ice cream and brownies) in the freezer… who wouldn’t want some ice cream right about now? I know I bought like a week and a half ago, but it’s still good…..

Set Up: Part I –  I was on my way to Florida. My mom dropped me off at the airport and thus comedy was born.

Mom (7:30pm): I’m home

Me (7:38pm): Cool just got to my seat; We are delayed again

Mom (7:39pm): WHAT HAPPENED

Me (7:41pm): Dunno. The flight going to fl before me was canceled b/c of weather. Guess they had to rebook everyone on this flight.

Mom ( 7:42pm): ok hang in there. is it full?

Me (7:43pm): kinda. eating some chicken wings trying not to look ghetto.

Mom (7:44pm): Good for u. don’t use napkins

Me (7:45pm): y not?

Mom (7:46pm)” that’s how people know it tastes soooo good when u lick your fingers

Me (7:46pm): I really want to tear these wings up, but I don’t want people looking at me. I already feel judged!

Mom (7:48pm): Then just enjoy. don’t look side to side, lick ur lips often and smile. I would be tearing those little tips up yum yum  (mom is referring to the wing tips… I hate those).

Me (10:04pm): Here! finally!

Mom (10:06pm): Thank God

Me (10:10pm): Momma it’s so humid I forgot!!!!!!!!!! Death

Mom (10:11pm): Mmmmmmmm sorry how do you feel?

Me (10:12pm):: Tired. full of sugar and grease. I ate gummy bears and fried chicken wings.

Mom (10:12pm): the chicken

Me (10:13pm): yaaaa

Mom (10:13pm): Did you get the gummy bears I bought for you?

Me (10:14pm): You bought me gummy bears? No I had these in my travel stash.

Mom (10:17pm): Ok don’t worry Ill take care of them

Me (10:17pm): MOMMAAAA YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME! lol I think you planned for them to be conveniently left behind like they denied Jesus and it’s the rapture.

Mom (10:18pm): I was going to surprise u. whatcha doing?

Me (10:10pm): surprise I didn’t tell you I have you gummy bears and they are in my room lol

Mom (10:20pm): I don’t remember where I put them

——– wait for it….

The next day….

Mom (3:42pm): Gummies are soooooooo good


I don’t know about you, but this seems planned…mom has gotten me hooked on gummy bears though she will never admit to it because now she knows David loves them. and she believes he and I have been on that gummy bear crack for years now. The truth is, I never really ate them until I moved back home. David likes gummy bears, but is really great at his diet and abstains… he is so disciplined unlike me.


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