…And They All Fall Down…

Today was a tough day… well yesterday was a tough day. It was tough because I felt the castle that I was building falling down due to a surging wave. Really, it was the storm surge. For the past month, clouds have been brewing and the winds were amping up, but I kept building away. Today is the day that the clouds opened and stirred the tide. The leveling…

I know that it’s really pained my mom to watch me deal with everything that has been going on over the past few weeks, especially because there was nothing she could do about it. Today, she felt even more helpless as my walls broke down. Sachi couldn’t even handle seeing me upset today. She did what loving dogs do when their family is in distress. She laid in my lap, with her head on my chest licked the tears away (I told her I would make an exception this time because usually I have a no face licking policy, but I knew she was trying to comfort me).

So the day was hard…I am overwhelmed, but thankful that even with everything seemingly in a state of emergency, I am still safe and OK.

Professionally, I am having to regroup and shift gears. The aspirations that I have been pursuing over the past 9 months are not turning out to be what I thought and I am unsure of what’s next. I’m asking the Lord to redeem the time and give direction for the next steps. I have already taken some steps for a resolve. I am praising God through this. He is merciful and loving. And even though I am severely disappointed with some discouragement, I have provision.

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