Daily Joy: Garden Harvest

OK, I don’t have a photo for this, but know that it was a beautiful sight for my belly. Today our neighbors called and asked if we would pick their tomatoes, peppers and okra because they were starting to overripen. These neighbors bring us veggies all the time, but since they were out of town, they wanted to make sure that we got some fruits and veggies before they dropped on the ground. My mom and I went over and picked a basket full of the tomatoes, okra, bell peppers and banana peppers. My mom made some stewed okra and fried green tomatoes (one of my faves). Soooo yummy. A little splurge after my Zumba class (which was sooooo needed OMG YAAAASSS…I’m talking about the Zumba).

I have also been spoiled by the fresh eggs from their chickens for the past year…om nom nom…

I really do not miss FL… I miss my peeps, but I do not miss living there.

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