Panera Bread Ramblings and Reflections…

We are just beyond the half-way mark of the year. As I look back and reflect, I am a little disturbed that I am not as far along with my personal and professional dealings as I wanted to be this time last year. Noted I said “wanted.” Wanting something is not enough to make it happen. I don’t believe that I planned effectively. I didn’t set goals, and I basically planned to fail. The good thing is that even though overall, I had some ambiguous idea that life would somehow be “better,” I didn’t fail and still somehow improved a bit even without direction.  I don’t want to continue to do that, so I am taking time our to really focus and make some directed goals.

As I mentioned, there have been good things to happen over the past year. To start, I have been planted in my church community and I am starting to see small buds come up from that. I am involved with a couple of ministries and I am growing. Also, the purpose my homecoming is being realized more every day. I came home because I wanted to be closer to my family. As I have been home, I have been able to participate in life events and solutions that would not have been possible had I stayed in Florida. I have been able to reconnect with old friends and make a few new ones. Personal relationships are very important to me, so I do feel positive with what’s happening in this area.   Financially while I make far less, I do have more resources. Am I making better decisions? Hmm… that’s a good question. I have taken a lot of risks that have cost me money with real estate and other business and even personally. I have taken a hit in being ambitious fronting money for business and travel opportunities that are not going to happen at this point. The consequence: the loss of hundreds of dollars. ::insert big prolonged sigh here::  These decisions were well-intentioned, but ill-timed. I know in the grand scheme these losses will be recuperated. I did only lose hundreds, but it’s still a hard loss right now when I am in my infancy of entrepreneurship. I am still learning to make better money choices. I still struggle with delayed gratification, but this is a huge process for me so any gain in wisdom and discipline is a good gain.

Finally… THERE’S SACHI! I don’t know, sometimes I have to think about my little furry sister and  how much she makes me laugh. When I don’t want to adult anymore, I can child with the dog.





How many of you thought that I was going to be talking about some bagels in this post?

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