I have no title for this…

It’s the last day of the month and I haven’t  written anything since December – I try to post at least once a month. I haven’t been so inspired lately. There have been some neat things happening that show God is continuing to move, but of course, the enemy is steadily poking at other areas that are not yet resolved and causing me some grief.


As I was writing that last sentence, my dog, Sachi came up and gave me a few tender licks on my toe. I think she sensed that I was feeling a little down. I moved my computer out of the way and she laid her head in my lap. For a few minutes, there was nothing wrong in my world – just my happy fluffy puppy. See… there’s the joy I spoke about last month in regards to my personal theme for 2016. I am going to miss seeing her every day. Anyway, after Sachi’s intervention, I don’t feel like complaining anymore. I do have some negative emotions tonight. I just want certain areas of my life to be resolved. It’s hard to operate like this, but God is here. He knows that this is a precious time for me to grow, so I am being obedient. I am growing.

Good night (don’t let the bedbugs bite).


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