Review on Homemade Tooth Paste

So – eventually, I WILL make a video about this, but I figured that an update was at least due to you all.

If you review my introductory video, you will see how I made the toothpaste.

There were some unexpected negative side effects (why start with a negative? Well I am being realistic and this is what people really want to know):

  1. I used cinnamon and peppermint oil mixed with trace minerals as my paste moistener. I didn’t realize that cinnamon oil could be caustic to mucous membranes.
    • One  – it burns pretty bad lol!
    • Two – your gums may start to feel a little rough
    • Three – you will get tenderness at the gum line
    • Four – this happened over the course of two weeks brushing twice a day and using only 2-3 drops of the mineral and oil emulsion.
  2. After some more research to see if this was normal, and I found out that these side effects happen to some people (there are some who love using cinnamon and do not have adverse symptoms).
  3. As a result, I started doing Himalayan salt and water rinses immediately and only used water to moisten my tooth powder.
  4. Now, after four days, my gum are about 90% better.
  5. I will now only be using myrrh and peppermint oil for my paste (starting next week).

The good thing is that I caught it soon enough so that I don’t think I caused any permanent or serious damage. Additionally, with the right resources, your body can heal itself. My advice – do your research! I perused blogs of licensed dentists as well as people who have been using these methods for a while, which is how I got my current recipe (here is one example: Don’t be afraid of trial and error, but be intentional about your steps.

Now, there were some wonderful positive side effects as well.

  1. No more dry mouth! I used to have issues with waking up with dry mouth in the mornings and would use mouth rinses like Biotene to remedy that issue. Dry mouth actually leads to tooth decay so you can imagine how dangerous this is for your dental hygiene. My mouth kind of stays pretty moist all day. You need the saliva in your mouth to wash away debris.
  2. My mouth felt fresher for longer periods of time after brushing. Fresh mouth, fresh breath!
  3. I didn’t have a weird and filmy build up on my teeth at the end of the day. They actually feel just like they did after I brushed. Most times after using conventional toothpaste, my teeth would get that grimy feeling after eating something.
  4. I have a sense of accomplishment in my own abilities to be a good steward of my resources and in my abilities to make useful homemade things.
  5. I am not totally sure if this is as cost efficient with the current recipe since you typically get a new tube of toothpaste once every 2 months or so, BUT I have comfort in what is going in my mouth. Even some natural toothpaste brands have ingredients that are questionable. One brand that is very popular contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate. I make sure to not even wash my hair with that, so I definitely don’t want that in my mouth.

I added a few more ingredients to my stash so that I can make deodorant. That’s next! Seem like I am going to need a regular vlog schedule soon.


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