Homemade Deodorant

What is up WordPress fam?! I am back and I am totally excited for this new post because it is about apothecary!  I LOVE making my own stuff. I hope that I don't get bored with doing this because it can be a bit labor intensive at times. The recipe I used can be found … Continue reading Homemade Deodorant


Review on Homemade Tooth Paste

So - eventually, I WILL make a video about this, but I figured that an update was at least due to you all. If you review my introductory video, you will see how I made the toothpaste. There were some unexpected negative side effects (why start with a negative? Well I am being realistic and this … Continue reading Review on Homemade Tooth Paste

Homemade ToothPaste (Base Powder)

SOOOOOO... Creations by Cupcake is back in action post-Christmas, y'all! This year I wanted to make more of a health impact on what I am doing for my health. I get a great sense of gratification when I make things, and I want to translate that into taking care of my body with homemade things. … Continue reading Homemade ToothPaste (Base Powder)

The Progression of a Handmade Christmas…

I got this cool pattern off Etsy…. $13 for two patterns that will yield four gifts – jaaacckkpoottt! OOOOOOOOOH this sewing machine is on sale, YES! I’m glad I started early because I have been to the fabric store twice and there are just tooo many choices! EXXCIITTEDDD!! Everyone is going to love this! Finally … Continue reading The Progression of a Handmade Christmas…

Being Lazy and Motivated at the Same Time…

I went grocery shopping today. Grocery shopping is overwhelming unless I plan the outing at at time when volume is down (less crowded stores). When I got home, and thought about prepping for the week... I shut down. When I shut down, it's not good for anyone. Thankfully all of the items I purchased needed to … Continue reading Being Lazy and Motivated at the Same Time…

Gimmie Dat Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake….

Ok, before you go and accuse me of being ratchet and obscene.... please understand I am talking about real cake. I only just learned about the cray-cray dirty connotation to 'cake' about a week ago. THANKS RIHANNA FOR RUINING MY BAKING LIFE! I ain't about that bidness! I digress... I was commissioned to make a … Continue reading Gimmie Dat Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake….

Creations by “Cupcake”: Harvest Pistachio Pumpkin Seed Butter

I need some smaller Mason Jars! I haven't always liked peanut butter. I still only like it on some things like apples and the classic PB&J sandwich. A couple of years ago I discovered the natural stir peanut butter when I had some dietary restrictions with sugar and whoa was I hooked! Now, all other … Continue reading Creations by “Cupcake”: Harvest Pistachio Pumpkin Seed Butter

Creations by “Cupcake”: Sushi

I wanted to try to make sushi rolls for David and I, which proved to be a HUGE fete. Ugh I have never been to more grocery stores in one afternoon in my life. If I had known about the little Asian market that the nice prepared foods manager in Whole Foods directed me to … Continue reading Creations by “Cupcake”: Sushi

Creations by “Cupcake”: Spaghetti Squash with Vegetables

(that's not bacon folks, but I wish it was!) I don't really care for traditional spaghetti. I will eat it, but afterward I could go without it for a year or so. This is just me and pasta in general. I like it, but I don't love it. Same goes for rice. Anyway, I made … Continue reading Creations by “Cupcake”: Spaghetti Squash with Vegetables