Nostalgia From Academia…

Today, I went back to one of my Alma Maters, Georgia State University, to celebrate a good friend's departure from the school where she has worked for the past 14 years. The last time I spent any significant amount of time on was in 2005 prior to graduation. Yes folks, I graduated with my Bachelor's … Continue reading Nostalgia From Academia…


Conversations With Parents: Mom and Ray – “Farts”

So by the title of this post, you probably already know what you are getting ready to experience. Let me preface with the disclosure that there was no gas passed or mimicked during this conversation. I was in the kitchen, making sugar body scrubs for a Bridal Shower that is happening this weekend and my … Continue reading Conversations With Parents: Mom and Ray – “Farts”

Text With Parents: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sitting in a hospital room is not fun and absolutely boring - so here are some more text convos from mom... please keep in mind I am only going to post the ones that are funny here... no reason to air all the dirty laundry, which happens to be hilarious when it's about the dog. … Continue reading Text With Parents: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Text With Parents: Mom

Sooooo I have interesting conversations with my parents at times...sometimes I am privy to conversations that I don't really want to hear because they cannot be unheard! Texting is also a very interesting. Below is a snippet into the life of Dana and her family. We are pretty candid. There is usually an undercurrent of … Continue reading Text With Parents: Mom

Are you perpetuating an Israelite journey? (Part I)

Carol started the day energized and ready to go. It was beautiful Saturday morning and she set out to take her ten year old son, Kevin, to the park. There were plans to go to the circus when Kevin’s father, Robert, came home from work. She had arranged a sitter for her youngest, Kelly, who … Continue reading Are you perpetuating an Israelite journey? (Part I)

Tides: A Short Story (continued)

Read Part I of the short story! Part II “Airlie, I needed to come back for you.” Liam, drenched with sweat, was standing near the foyer door. It looked like he had set up a nice dinner and some ambient music. Airlie was flattered, but still bothered. “Liam, what are you doing here?” “I was … Continue reading Tides: A Short Story (continued)

Tides (A Short Story)…

The dusky sunlight cascaded through the moss that hung haphazardly from the banyan trees. There was an intermittent breeze wafting through the heavy air that made it slightly more bearable to be outside. A distinct saltiness danced with the breeze and with it, the reminder that tide was rising. This was the best part of … Continue reading Tides (A Short Story)…